On 4 May 2013 the MGM Grand Garden Arena lighted up when the WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather defeated Robert Guerrero in Las Vegas, Nevada. All three judges returned score cards of 117-111 in favour of Mayweather which illustrates his domincance in the match.

Guerrero was complimentary over his opponent by stating “He hit me with some great body shots. That’s why he’s undefeated. He’s better than I thought and was definitely on his game tonight.”
Mayweather was also gracious towards his opponent by saying “I take my hat off to him,” and continued stating that “My defence won it. I was looking for the knockout, but I hurt my right hand.”

After the victory against Robert Guerrero I believe that there is no debate over whether Floyd Mayweather is a legend or not. This result proves that time and time Floyd does what he is good at WINNING, and WINING in style. He has been at the forefront of boxing for many years now and has never disappointed his fans when it comes to turning out a great performance.

Due to his ability to win I believe he has bragging rights and this shows through his presence when conducted media interviews are seen in the limelight. Floyd Mayweather has been criticised by many critics and many have stated he still has not proved himself by not accepting to fight Manny Pacquiao.

Personally I don’t think Floyd needs to fight Manny to prove anything as Mayweather is in a class of his own. The current stat of 44 victories to 0 losses is a magnificent achievement. In my opinion he has fought the best and has proved why he should be among the hall of greatest fighters of all time.